Welcome to Wild Sage Registered Massage Therapy

 In Vernon Massage Therapy

The Okanagan Valley’s health and wellness community is about to expand in a very positive way. Wild Sage Massage Therapy opens its doors on January 13th, 2018, offering an incredible new option to add to your self-care ritual or treatment plan if you’re in the area. Whether you’re a seasoned recipient of massage therapy, or have yet to dip your toe in its healing waters, Wild Sage has a therapeutic experience waiting for you.

The two women behind Wild Sage, Carissa Carbonneau and Josie Teitge, are opening their business in a way that brings their long-held vision to life: creating a peaceful, relaxing space that offers its visitors an important stepping stone on their journey to optimal health.

Josie and Carissa met each other years ago, when Josie began practising out of the Healing Oak, the massage clinic that Carissa opened and operated in Chilliwack, BC for six years. The two were immediately compatible: not only did they become fast friends, but they quickly realized how harmoniously and efficiently they work together, too.

The pair knew intuitively that they’d make excellent business partners, having similar entrepreneurial spirits and completely aligned ambitions for their ideal clinic. They started to chat about opening a business together, and after years of planning, the dream has finally come to fruition.

Carissa and Josie share the same commitment to their goal for Wild Sage: to create a peaceful and harmonious space that is warmly inviting to everyone who comes through the door. They have crafted a business model that prioritizes flexible hours and being as accommodating as possible with their patients’ schedules. This means you won’t be confined to regular business hours when trying to nudge an appointment at Wild Sage into your already-packed day-timer.

Essentially, Carissa and Josie want to make it easier for people to take care of themselves and focus on their wellbeing. And easy is no understatement: with online booking, you can schedule in your appointment on the go, from either your computer or phone, at any time.

As for the location? It was an easy choice: both women felt ready to leave the hustle-and-bustle of the Lower Mainland for the relaxed pace of life and the warm, sunny skies of the Okanagan Valley. A main draw was the lifestyle of the area: endless opportunities for hiking, paddle-boarding, and snowshoeing, so the two could effortlessly balance their active lifestyles with the work they are so passionate about. Carissa and Josie are both overjoyed to call Vernon home, and look forward to finding ways to give back to this thriving and supportive community.

If you’re searching for the ideal place to get your first massage, one that’s clean, safe, and welcoming, you’ve found the perfect spot to settle into. Or, if you’re looking to try out a new therapist for your regular treatments, one with years of experience and a warm and compassionate personality, either Josie or Carissa have got your back. These two ladies are truly naturals at putting others at ease, so no matter what kind of treatment you’re seeking, or what kind of healing your body uniquely needs, don’t worry. You can breathe a sigh of relief.